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Jacron Labels

Jacron Labels


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Who doesn´t remember Levi´s 501 Jeans, which were considered the peak of fashion for a long time.
One of the main distinguishing features of these fashionable jeans was the label attached to it – a jacron label made of a leather-like material and characterized by an impressive, fashionable look. These jacron labels have since become a hit, and many companies and brands have been using them to label their jeans collections.
On top of the cool unique look, jacron labels are also very high quality and wash resistant, even in the roughest of laundries.
Here at MH Segal Marketing, we provide high quality jacron labels for jeans in full response to the demands and needs of each customer. Thanks to the advanced equipment we possess, and the vast experience we have accumulated over the years, we are able to use innovative techniques that contribute to the impressive look and the high quality of the labels.