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Labels are a way for manufacturers of clothing and textile products of all kinds to make their mark on the garment, to serve as a symbol of brand identification, to provide information about the place of fabric production and the size of the garment. Most manufacturers place great emphasis on selecting labels, with the goal of selecting labels that are characterized by impressive visibility and high quality – labels that blend beautifully and impressively with the garment, and are resistant to harsh laundry or other damage, impressive cut labels and unique designs, Face “of the brand which stands behind those items.
A wide range of options Anyone who takes his first steps in the label world will discover that there are labels of different kinds – logo labels, manufacturer labels and size labels, which are made of different materials and come in different designs, cuts and shades – according to requirements and needs. In order to choose the appropriate labels, you first need to understand all of your needs from these labels, including: what kind of textile products they are designed for, what is important to you in the design, whether you have a preference for the material from which the labels will be made, Since one of the labeling functions is to promote and brand the manufacturer behind the items to which they are attached, it is important not to compromise on less than the highest quality labels that you can get. Making the right choice If you are interested in labels of any kind, and for any purpose, our company MQ Marketing Staff is the correct address. We offer a wide range of label types including: leather labels, cotton labels, metal labels, cardboard labels, woven labels, satin labels, jacquard labels. We make sure to work with the most innovative and advanced equipment and maintain an uncompromising professional level, in order to enable all our customers to enjoy labels that meet the highest standards and to provide a high quality solution to all the requirements and needs of the customers – whether in terms of type of cuts, designs, colors or special additions . For more details, to receive a quote and order labels of any kind and for any purpose, please contact us today.