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Carrier bags

Carrier bags contain a lot beyond their functional benefits, and therefore, along with their quality and size (which is supposed to fit the contents that they are meant for) when ordering these bags, the graphics and looks of the bags are taken into account.

As is well known, many people are exposed to the same branded carrier bags that are distributed to shoppers in various stores and chains, so bags are seen to have a great influence on the branding of a place and sometimes they serve as an aid in marketing and advertising. For these reasons, when ordering carrier bags, it is important not to settle for less than the highest of standards.


Important Points when Ordering Carrier Bags

When ordering carrier bags, there are many decisions to make, including: whether to pick branded bags (and if so, the design and graphics should be carefully planned), or ready-made bags, where you can choose from a wide range of bags in different shades and details. Another decision concerns the material that the carrier bags will be made - plastic bags, paper bags or cardboard bags.
Another decision concerns the size of the bag – most customers reach the conclusion that they need bags in a range of sizes, depending on the size and amount of products of each purchase made.
Of course, the quality of the bags should also be taken into consideration - poor quality bags may be torn, and directly or indirectly harm the reputation of the store from which the bags were received.
Thus, choosing carrier bags entails the need to make many decisions, while the bottom line is not to compromise on less than the best you can possibly get.

The Highest Standard of Bags
We at MH Segal Marketing offer you a wide range of carrier bags of all types, sizes and colors, in full compliance with the needs and requirements of the customer. Thanks to advanced technology and innovative equipment, all of our customers enjoy branded bags, uncompromising quality and impressive visibility, with the option to choose between printed carrier bags, embroidered carrier bags or woven carrier bags.
We at MH Segal Marketing are prepared to provide a fast and efficient response to any order, on all types of carrier bags, including: cardboard carrier bags, cloth carrier bags, and plastic carrier bags.


For more information, questions or price quotes, you are welcome to contact us and our staff will be happy to serve you.